Saturday, October 24, 2009


If you haven't seen or tried, then you really need to check it out! They have a great filter called "Bargain Hunter" which lists all of their best deals (razors, vitamins, paper towels, toilet paper, etc...) by price, and the best part is that shipping is ALWAYS free. On top of that, they have clip free coupons which are directly applied to the items in your cart. It also has a reminder feature to tell you when you might be getting low on certain items, very cool.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our Living Room Makeover

After over 3 years of living in our house, I can say that I am actually pleased about the appearance of our living room. It is such a weird shape, a rectangle makes it hard to postion the furniture in a homey, comforting way. I think we have finally nailed it though. By ripping up the carpet and installing Pergo flooring, we rid ourselves of the dirty, gross, stained, carpet once an for all. We turned our sectional around and split the room in half. Behind the couch we put a sofa table and I purchased a really nice little corner desk for my laptop and bill paying station. Add in a new lamp, a big throw rug and TA-DA! Overall we spent just about $1,000 for the upgrades and I feel like we got way more out of it then the money spent. There is nothing worse then coming home to a house you don't love. Now, I am feeling like this is turning into our home and not just a house to live in.

My Sweet Ansley

I just had to devote a little space here in cyber world to dote over my little Ansley. She is just such a sweet child. Her newest favorite thing to say is "Good Norning Mommy!" I love it when she says it, she makes my whole day!