Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The flylady way

Of all the things I wish I could accomplish, the thing that tops my priority list would have to be total home organization. I have about a million things that I want to despatetly want to accomplish throughout the day, and yet I feel like I am constantly trying to play catch up. I know that if I could just really get into a routine (after all, with 4 kids I really should have one) and stick to it so that I have more time. That is my overall goal, more time. Time to play with the kids, catch up on babybooks and scrapbooking, maybe read a book, to a fun craft with the kids. But I am always doing some menial task that takes me away from what I really want to be doing.

I know that there are people out there that says that the cleaning can wait, my kids are only little for so long. And that's fine, if you want to live in CHAOS... persoanlly I do not. But breaking the habit, and learning how to FLY can be hard. Especially with the 3 little ones wanting nothing more then attention from Mommy. I keep telling myself that it is going to get easier, and then things will fall into place but that point seems so far off.

I would love to hear how real moms balance everything...

I try to learn something new everyday, try to embrace a new habit, but old habits die hard and it takes work... lots of work.

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  1. Have the little ones help!

    Get up early. Very early :)

    I don't use flylady, but I do use a book called Managers of Their Homes and also Managers of Their Chores (they are available at titus2.com).

    My 3yo can make her bed (not perfectly) after some training. She can also fold washcloths, set the table, and pour water for everyone. She also helps clean up toys.

    My oldest is 7 (I have 5) and the children really are a huge help! It was harder when my oldest was 3, but it gets better as they get older, if you enlist their help every day.