Monday, November 2, 2009

I don't want to get my hopes up, but...

Wel, what started out as looking for something to do last Sunday afternoon, turned into a potential move! All I was looking to do was go to a few open houses, just to get out and enjoy the day. After the house we initially went to look had a Sale Pending sign, Jason and I went driving around to scope out any more. Low and behold, we find a house in West Berry Farms, that looked nice enough from the outside, but looked pretty small. When we came home, we looked it up and found out that it had 5 bedrooms, and just about every other feature we have been dreaming of. Large closets, 5 bedrooms, nice big open kitchen (Corain counter tops too), formal dining room, and a fireplace! It had everything.

It just so happens that Brooke and Adam are moving back to Erie, and need to find a place to call home. They mentioned that they would love to buy our home, as long as their house in NC closed successfully. Could it be this easy? I am hoping so, but until I am in my new house, I am being cautiously optimistic!

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