Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Well, after a few months of chaos and mayham, we are somewhat moved into the new house and settled. There are still a few "little" projects that need to be accomplished, by all in good time, as nothing really NEEDS to be done now. Off the top of my head, here is my HONEY DO LIST:

  1. Paint Jace's bedroom and adhere his fatheads (start looking for a toddler bed for my little guy)
  2. Paint stairwell and hallway
  3. Get *something* to put on the landing at the top of the stairs, it's bare and if there is nothing there I just use it as laundry basket storage
  4. Paint Ansley's room, get rid of giant tv storage cabinet and replace it with a small flat screen tv on the wall
  5. Fix all the leaky faucets in the house, it seems like they ALL have a slow leak and it makes me sad that we are wasting water, and the "tap, tap, drip" is driving me crazy.
  6. Closet re-organization. I am not really liking how they shelves in the closets are configured, it seems like there could be a better way, and make more use of the space.
Come to think of it, maybe some of these are a bit more then just little projects (as painting could be a day long event). 

I have been in a funk lately, not really wanting to do much of anything. I am just sick of being stuck in the house, and I am ready for the kids to be able to go outside and run off some of their energy. Today I am going to try and clean, not an easy task with all the kids at home, but one room at a time.

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