Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I do not heart Credit Cards

Yesterday I was reading twitter, and saw that J.Money mentioned that he "loved" credit cards. I couldn't get the statement out of my head, so this morning I headed over to Budgets are Sexy and read the blog explaining why that was in fact.

Here was my response:

I am a faithful Dave Ramsey follower, so I have been trained to believe that credit cards are the devil reincarnate. That being said, if I could use them responsibly I can see the “benefits”. I just do not have that control over purchase just yet. For example, when I go to the grocery store with my budgeted $80 cash in my envelope, I know that I can’t spend more then that $80. Plain and simple, otherwise I risk looking like a dork asking the cashier to take items off my order. Now, if I were to take my credit card (which I do not even carry with me — ever) I am way more likely to go over said budgeted amount. Maybe I would only go over $5 or $10, no biggie, I can handle that. But it’s all those “overs” that do a person in. For me it’s a self control issue. Spending cash is way harder then handing over the plastic. I urge you to use cash only for one week, and see how it feels. See if it makes a difference in your budget.

I have mixed emotions on the subject, and while I understand people's logical explanation of why they use and adore credit cards, I just don't think that it would work for our family. Just too much temptation.

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